Recently, we made an excitable trip to ReCreate Ireland. For a number of years now Tigers Childcare has been a member of ReCreate Ireland and this has a membership we have found pride in obtaining and look forward to making use of this as much as we can.

Why is it so exciting for us you may ask?

Well ReCreate Ireland can only be described as a ‘teachers paradise’ in all things arts and crafts related. ReCreate Ireland provides a service where reusable materials now unwanted from businesses are diverted away from the landfills and are reused in schools and childcare centres around the country for their creative enjoyment.

As this was our first time, when we walked into ReCreate we didn’t know what to expect. Of course we had heard from fellow colleagues what ReCreate provided but when we arrived, what we were met with certainly superseded  our expectations.

As you walk in we were greeted by an Easter themed wonderland. It soon became apparent to us that the materials used to create this magical display were used by items available in ReCreate. We were in awe at this and this truly inspired us that we could create magical and wonderful things with our kiddies using reusable, recyclable materials.

Walking into the room, we were struck by the vast amount of materials recreate offer their members. All walls were stacked from floor to ceiling with a variety of materials from bottles to fabrics, cups to paint samples. We were truly in heaven.


It is safe to say our trip to ReCreate Ireland was a successful one filling our car as much as we could. Since our trip we have made wonderful creations using our materials!!

~Author: Niamh Weldon~

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