We are always on the lookout for energetic, motivated childcare professionals to join our enthusiastic team. If you think this sounds like you click on the job you wish to apply for below.

To work at Tigers Childcare you must:

  • Hold a relevant childcare qualification - a minimum QQI Level 5 childcare qualification (Ireland)  or a minimum Level 2 childcare qualification (UK).
  • Have your details submitted for Garda Vetting (Ireland) or an  Enhanced DBS (UK) before you can commence employment.
  • Provide a Police Clearance Certificate if you have lived outside of the country for more than 6 months as an adult (Ireland)
  • Be able to provide two written references, one from your most recent employer.
  • Be able to provide copies of your qualification certificates.


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What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

My journey started in Tigers Blanchardstown as a student. I carried out 11 weeks placement in Tigers as part of my college course and safe to say I loved every minute of It. I learned so much from working here I gained so much knowledge and skills from the whole team. After I got my level 6, I was eager to get back into Tigers and started part time while doing my college studies. Although that may seem like a lot, having managers and a team that has supported me so much in any way they could through this made this experience so positive for me. I was learning so much working in Tigers that I could never be taught in words. Their practice made this real. I went on to start full time in May after I finished college for the summer. Being in Tigers doesn’t feel like a job for me, I enjoy being there so much. Since working there, I have told one of my friends who is studying the same course as me about this job.  I couldn’t recommend Tigers enough to her. I kept reassuring her how lovely all the people are to work with, how supportive they are and how much she was going to learn coming to Tigers. She now works in Tigers and couldn’t be happier. I am so excited to grow in this job and experience so much more here. I can’t wait to hopefully finish my course get my degree and start a permanent full-time job in Tigers Childcare Blanchardstown.

Abigail Pugh

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

I started my journey with Tigers Childcare as a student while gaining my Level 8 qualification in Early Childhood Care and Education. While on my second year of placement I worked in the baby room where I received great training in best practices. The tigers’ team are amazing, and they welcomed me in with warm arms and have thought me so much.

After my second year of placement Tigers offered me a job and I was thrilled to stay. After working with Tigers for just over a year, I was offered a senior position which is what I am doing today. I have grown so much in Tigers, and I am so thankful to all the wonder staff who have helped me become the early childhood practitioner I am today.

Orla Kavanagh

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

Working within the Tigers Childcare team here at the Leopardstown branch is so satisfying. With ongoing professional development support, opportunities to really connect with the children and provide them with 100% care and early years education at the same time having lovely parent partnerships, having full access to many educational resources whilst following the National Curriculum Framework, Aistear and Siolta. It's so refreshing to work with a cohort of fully qualified staff who all have the same goal and work in under the ethos of the company, a company who truly values their colleagues and their vocation. I really couldn't recommend Tigers Childcare highly enough.

Ciara Costello

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

I have been working in Tigers Leopardstown for 4 years and in that time I have grown so much in a professional capacity. Tigers are dedicated to supporting their colleagues in all aspect of life by offering a wide variety of supports including Continuous Professional Development, the Tigers Stripes program, Colleague Referral Bonuses and Employee Assistance Program. I take pride in working for Tigers and would have no reservations in recommending Tigers to anybody either currently working in the sector or just starting in the sector as an excellent company to work for.

Michelle Balfe

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

My name is Manu and I am room leader in ECCE and Afterschool in Leopardstown center. I am originally from Madrid, the city which hosts the best Royal football team ever. I hold a degree in primary education specialized in teaching English as a second language, a Master’s degree in bilingual education, and I am also qualified as a teacher of Spanish for adults. As can be seen, showing (my) tongue makes me a living! I started my adventure in Tigers in September 2019 and I previously worked in other companies since 2017. I can safely say that Tigers has been the best company so far for various reasons such as autonomy as an educator, and flexibility to study. As an educator, I like the way we can put into practice our ideas. We are given the autonomy we need and the support to make our rooms work and as might be expected, the bond created with the children and families when adequately supported is indescribable. On the other hand, as a person who likes research and learning, I was always supported with my studies, and while in Tigers, I achieved my Master’s degree as well as the C2 Cambridge certificate.

Therefore, I hope that my journey in Tigers serves to inspire those who are thinking of starting a career in childcare as I am sure they will be warmly welcomed to the company.

Manuel García Soler

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

I’ve enjoyed my time with Tigers Childcare. I’ve been with them a very long time. They offer great benefits such as training (other than the required ones). The company have supported me in my studies which benefits the children.

We are inspected by the quality team to see how we are doing and make sure the quality of care and standards are always met in the rooms. I don’t find these stressful as they always give feedback and highlight things we may have missed or new ideas to try. I find them beneficial to the room, especially when preparing for Tusla inspections.

Every day is different, the workload is manageable in terms of paperwork due to it being distributed equally and fairly within the room. Working as a team gets the job done. The manager in the centre is supportive and looks for goals from you in your monthly supervisions. The supervisions are a great way of letting management know how you’re getting on and what you’d like to achieve, which again has benefits for the room, the team in the room and children.

Francesca McMahon

What our colleagues have to say about Tigers Childcare

I have worked in the sector for many decades and was very happy to take on the manager's role when Tigers took over the company four years ago. I have worked in the Blanchardstown centre for over 15 years beginning my journey as the senior in the toddler room and working my way up. This year with the support of Tigers, I have gained my degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. Working in the childcare sector is demanding however within Tigers there are so many ways in which appreciation is shown, whether it is winning colleague of the month, earning Tigers Stripes to help with the cost of Christmas, access to the EAP if and when we might need help.

Dolores Flynn

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