Through the Eyes of a Child


In 2011, The Communication Trust produced 4 films to help parents encourage their children’s communication development. These films are still relevant today, and provide really helpful advice on how parents can encourage their child to talk and how they can interact with them. These can also be used in an early years setting to really understand from a child’s perspective the complex world of speech, language and communication

Please be aware that the videos are grouped into ages as below. Each film uses the perspective of knowing what the child is thinking, even though you will not see the child! It is a fun way of finding out what the child might be thinking in certain scenarios. It also has some tips at the end of each clip on how to support children’s early talking and listening. Although originally for parents, it can also be used as good resource for all early years practitioners to watch, reflect and note.

Watch the short films below:

Birth – 6 months

6 months – 1 year

1 – 2 years

2 – 3 years

These videos have been provided by Southwhark PVI.