Toilet training is a very important part of a toddlers life. It is something new for them to experience. There are many positives of toilet training and I am here to tell you all about them.

It brings them Independence and Confidence

Toilet training allows your child to develop a huge sense of independence as they are in control of going to the toilet themselves and don’t require you to change their nappy. If they have an accident when they are learning to go to the toilet, they will be able to change themselves into their clean clothes. It is important for you to allow them
to change themselves and to help if it is needed  this will make them feel capable of being able change their own clothes. They will begin to feel confident in themselves every time they go on the toilet as they know they can do it by themselves.

Milestone for the toddler and parent

Toilet training is a milestone in both the toddler's life and the parents' life. It’s a time where the child is starting the process of being able to take care of their own hygiene and a parent's process of seeing how much they have grown and developed.

Is your child ready to be toilet trained?

All children are different and will be ready at different times to start using the toilet. Key things to look out for that show they are ready are if your child’s nappy is dry most of the time, if they are talking about it or about their friends going to the toilet. It might be good time to try as they have an interest in it. I find if you allow your child to pick out fun underwear with their favourite character on it, then they will be very interested in trying on their new fun grown-up underwear!

if they are ready, now is a good time to start toilet training as your child can take as much time as they need and you would have lots of spare clothes ready for them.  If they are not ready that is okay. There are lots of books online and songs about using the toilet which might help them have an interest in it at a later time.

~Author: Abigail Butler, Room Leader, Tigers Childare Ashbourne ~

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