My name is Manu and I am room leader in ECCE and Afterschool in Leopardstown center. I am originally from Madrid, the city which hosts the best Royal football team ever. I hold a degree in primary education specialized in teaching English as a second language, a Master’s degree in bilingual education, and I am also qualified as a teacher of Spanish for adults. As can be seen, showing (my) tongue makes me a living! I started my adventure in Tigers in September 2019 and I previously worked in other companies since 2017. I can safely say that Tigers has been the best company so far for various reasons such as autonomy as an educator, and flexibility to study. As an educator, I like the way we can put into practice our ideas. We are given the autonomy we need and the support to make our rooms work and as might be expected, the bond created with the children and families when adequately supported is indescribable. On the other hand, as a person who likes research and learning, I was always supported with my studies, and while in Tigers, I achieved my Master’s degree as well as the C2 Cambridge certificate.

Therefore, I hope that my journey in Tigers serves to inspire those who are thinking of starting a career in childcare as I am sure they will be warmly welcomed to the company.

Corporate Headquarters

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