I’ve enjoyed my time with Tigers Childcare. I’ve been with them a very long time. They offer great benefits such as training (other than the required ones). The company have supported me in my studies which benefits the children.

We are inspected by the quality team to see how we are doing and make sure the quality of care and standards are always met in the rooms. I don’t find these stressful as they always give feedback and highlight things we may have missed or new ideas to try. I find them beneficial to the room, especially when preparing for Tusla inspections.

Every day is different, the workload is manageable in terms of paperwork due to it being distributed equally and fairly within the room. Working as a team gets the job done. The manager in the centre is supportive and looks for goals from you in your monthly supervisions. The supervisions are a great way of letting management know how you’re getting on and what you’d like to achieve, which again has benefits for the room, the team in the room and children.

Corporate Headquarters

Suite 10, Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2,
Dublin 15, D15 EH34
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