Ridgewood Grove
Fosterstown North
K67 D890
086 174 7777 / (01) 840 9359
Alison Martin
Early yearsPre school


Tigers Ridgewood was the first early years service that we opened and we are proud to say that many of the original team are still with us today!

Our creche is purpose built and fitted out to perfectly cater for the children in our care with environments that promote learning and exploration.

At Tigers we understand the importance of play and the impact this has on children’s learning and understanding the world around them. Our curriculum is play-based and child-led meaning we put the child at the centre of all learning.

At this service we provide care & education for children aged from 6 months – 5 years and offer a full-day care service and 2 free pre-school classes (Morning & Afternoon) under the ECCE Scheme.