About Glasnevin - St. Vincent’s Primary School

Tigers Glasnevin is located in St. Vincent’s Primary School.

This was our very first Tigers service and opened in 2003.

Play, which has the potential to improve all aspects of children’s wellbeing: physical, emotional, social and cognitive is critical for all children. At Tigers Pre-School we understand the importance of play and the impact this has on children’s learning and understanding the world around them. Our curriculum is play-based and child-led meaning we put the child at the centre of all learning. By doing this we believe that each child in the Tigers Family can reach their full potential regardless of ability or background.

The philosophy of our After School Programme is that all children should be allowed time for unstructured play after their school day ends in a safe, warm, familiar and caring environment where all children feel special and that they belong. At Tigers we provide safe, pleasant, relaxing and stimulating care in environments that are comfortable, well equipped and appropriate for the age, stage of development and needs of the children/young people attending our services.

At this service we provide a sessional pre-school service to children aged between 2.8 and 5.5 years of age. The service is provided under the ECCE scheme which offers free early years education and care to eligible children and operates for 38 weeks of the year, in line with the primary school calendar. We have one class and can cater for 22 children.

For school-age children we provide the following services: Breakfast Club, Hour Club, and Full-time After School Care. Part-time care is available subject to availability and staffing levels. Collections from other local primary schools is available subject to staffing levels.

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