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About Tigers Pre-School

At Tigers Pre-School we provide children with a top quality educational experience that eases their transition into primary education. We see children as active learners by allowing them the choice and a role in their learning and we strive to develop confident learners. We operate a sessional pre-school service for 38 weeks of the year under the ECCE Scheme.

What is the ECCE scheme?

The ECCE was introduced in January 2010.  The scheme was designed to give children access to a free pre-school year of appropriate program-based activities in the year before they start primary school. Participation in a pre-school program provides children with their first formal experience of early learning, the starting-point of their educational and social development outside the home. Children who avail of pre-school are more likely to be ready for school and a formal learning and social environment.

Is my child eligible for the ECCE scheme?

Since September 2016 there are 3 points during the year when a child can enter the scheme.

To avail of the ECCE Programme from:

September 2017 – children must have been born between 01/01/13 – 31/08/14
January 2018 – children must have been born between 01/09/14 – 31/12/14
April 2018 – children must have been born between 01/01/15 – 31/03/15

Please note that places in Tigers Pre-School are strictly limited and given on a first come, first served basis. Please download our information pack and application form for more information.

Tigers pre-school opens at the above times during school term only.  Tigers pre-school does not open for public, school or bank holidays.

Tigers pre-school is closed for the months of July and August.


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