Finding the Fun in Fitness

Adults call it working out. Kids call it playing. I am unsure at what age exercising becomes a chore. However, for many of us that is exactly what it is – a task we regularly put off but know we should be doing for our own wellbeing. Children, on the other hand, view exercise in[…]

The Importance of Toilet Training

Toilet training is a very important part of a toddlers life. It is something new for them to experience. There are many positives of toilet training and I am here to tell you all about them. It brings them Independence and Confidence Toilet training allows your child to develop a huge sense of independence as[…]

A letter to Parents

As we come up to our 6th week of schools and creches being closed, Ciara Fitzpatrick, manager of our after school service in Castleknock offers some advise to parents: Dear Parents, You might be feeling guilty and pressured into creating a minute by minute schedule for your kids. You have high hopes of hours of[…]

Transition from Pre-School to Primary School

Some of you may be worried about your child starting primary school in September, particularly now that they are missing valuable weeks in their pre-school classes due to Covid-19 restrictions. Heather Keys, Pre-School Room Leader in our Ashbourne creche, has written this weeks blog post which should help you manage the transition from pre-school to[…]