Learn about our unique way

At Tigers Childcare we understand that all children are different. They learn and develop in different ways and at different speeds. Our unique program of early years, pre-school and after school services allows us to meet each child’s individual needs, allowing each child to feel that they are valued and belong.

Early Years

We understand that in the early years children are developing at an astounding rate. During this development children need an enriched environment along with positive interactions with those around them. At Tigers Childcare we have developed well thought-out and enriched environments for our children. We offer a key worker system to allow for strong bonds between carer and child.

Explorers (9 months – 2 years)

In our explorer room we overstaff by one carer. This is to allow extra care for our babies care routines. We stay with our babies during sleep time to allow them security when becoming accustomed to their new environment.

We understand that all of the youngest children in our care have unique and differing routines. We liaise with parents before their children start at Tigers Childcare and keep to the child’s home routine as much as possible.

We encourage our babies to explore and learn through their senses. At feeding times, once children can sit unaided, they sit to the table. We only use high chairs in the early months. Children always feed from their own bowls and are encouraged to use hands and then spoons to encourage their hand to mouth motor development.

Language exploration is huge in our Explorer Room. Our carers talk through daily routines with our babies and discuss the world around them throughout the day.

Our Explorers have daily outside time in the garden and our carers also take the children for walks in our quad buggy!

Discoverers (2 -3 years)

Our Discoverers have become comfortable and confident and are ready to explore a new environment. The Discoverer Room is designed to meet the needs of our 2’s and their growing need for exploration, discovery and independence. Our areas of interest reflect the children’s stage of development.

Routine becomes a big part of life now. The children are involved in setting up their classroom at feeding, sleeping and circle time. Feeding time is set up with table cloths, cutlery and plats and the children take part in serving themselves. Adults eat with the children to encourage good table manners, enjoyment and conversation at mealtimes. Sleep too is part of our routine. Care is taken to ensure children have a calm environment. Blankets, mats and cushions are provided and staff sit on the floor with the children to sooth them as they nod off. We acknowledge that not all children wish to sleep and so, if your child does not need a sleep we liaise with you and provide an alternative environment for your child within our setting. Circle time is a time for chat and stories. It allows children to voice their opinions and a time for singing songs and playing games.

We work a lot on social and emotional development and interactions. Our Discoverer’s feelings and opinions are discussed and valued. Conflict is dealt with using the conflict resolution model of behaviour management. This, together with the help of a carer, encourages self regulation and negotiation skills.

Our daily routine is completely based on each child’s individual needs and interests and so our classroom curriculum along with the environment changes year on year depending on the children within our service.

Active Cubs (3 – 5 years)

Our Active Cubs have become active learners within their environment. Their classroom is designed into key areas of interest. Plenty of time is given to allow for free exploration of materials. Teachers use daily observations to track each child’s individual learning path to enable future classroom and curricular planning.

We understand that each child’s unique learning style should be valued and as such our activities will vary in order to meet each child’s needs. Children are never forced to take part in activities or to sit at tables should they not wish to do so.

Children actively take part in their daily routines. They have jobs and responsibilities within the classroom.

New key concepts are always discussed at circlet time. This allows for discussion and questioning of ideas from our Active Cubs. We try to make learning fun, memorable and varied in order to provide experiences the children will have forever.

We encourage mindfulness in our children an with the use of our behavioural model, along with learning about relaxation, our children learn how to regulate themselves in the world around them.

After School Care (4 – 13 years)

Our after school programme takes into account that children need time for relaxation after their school day. Our classrooms have areas for relaxation, play and physical activities. Each classroom also has an area for technology.

After homework time the children are allowed to take part in both planned and child-lead play. We respect the children’s wants and needs and act as partners in their care.

We understand that as children of school-going age become older (at the more senior end of the scale), they wish to have more freedom and less supervision. We liaise with each child and parent and draw up ‘contracts’ with the children to allow them unsupervised time. We also allow the children to use the more adult facilities e.g. kitchen and staff areas. The children themselves draw up sanctions for any misuse which helps them to develop responsibility and accountability.

We allow children choice at meal times. We provide at least two options, allowing children to choose their dish. Children serve themselves and clean up their plate when finished.

We meet with children on a regular basis to discuss their wants and needs and we change the environment regularly to reflect their opinions.

Our Staff

We invest in our staff. We understand that in order for them to meet your child’s needs, they themselves need to be valued.

We pay non-contact time to enable carers to plan for your child.

We train our staff in First Aid, Child Protection, Manual Handling and HACCP.

We encourage continued professional development for staff and pay for training as and when available.

We provide in-house training and support.

Our Parents

We understand that parents are the primary teachers of their children. We encourage an open door policy.

Our full day services offer parent rooms which enable parents to stay on-site should they wish during the settling in period.

We provide parents with the Childpaths service to enable daily up to date feedback on their child’s care, development and learning.

We encourage customer feedback. We understand that your views help develop a better service which enables a better experience for the children in our care.