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It has long been established that the early years have a long lasting effect on a person’s life. With 90% of brain development taking place within the first five years of life, these years shape us into the people we will become.

Tigers Early Years Center aims to provide an environment and interactions that will help each child reach their own true potential.

Read below and find out what makes Tigers Early Years Centre different from other services:

Curriculum Model

“For children, play is not just fun; it is how they learn”

Tigers Early Years Centre operates a play based curriculum model which sits within the national curriculum framework of Aistear.

Our environments are designed into areas of interest where the children can learn and explore. All learning is child lead and planning comes from staff observations and each child’s emerging interests. The curriculum is extremely individualised meaning that every child has the ability to be an individual and to develop at their own pace.

We make learning fun and memorable. Children are encouraged to have opinions and to question and participate. We use hands-on materials for all learning.

Each child is allocated a key worker who is responsible for the children’s developmental path. Parents receive daily updates and monthly learning stories on their child’s developmental progress and a plan for the path ahead.


At Tigers Early Years Centre we believe that child and adult interactions play a key part in a child’s social and emotional development. Children need to be able to build strong attachments to the adults in their lives and as such we ensure a low turn over of staff.

All Tigers staff are fully trained in childcare and Garda vetted. Our minimum qualification requirement is FETAC level 5 with many of staff trained to FETAC level 6 and also degree level. Our staff files and references are available for parents viewing.

We believe that in order for our staff to develop within a constantly evolving industry, we must invest in training and development. All staff are trained in first aid and child protection annually. We also encourage and fund staff attendance at any training events delivered by the County Childcare Committees and Early Childhood Ireland.

Our centres are audited by our Quality Control Manager on a bi-monthly basis. We also carry out an annual ITERS and ECERS audit. These audits look to access our environments and interactions against world standards. Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale

Quality Environments

Our childcare rooms are designed into key areas of interest for child-lead exploration. Each room will have a small motor area, dramatic play area, block play area, gross motor area, small play area, mess play area, art centre, book corner and quiet/chill out zone. Each area is designed to constantly challenge a child’s development and make learning fun.

Our outside play area is also vitally important. We believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and as such outside time is time-tabled daily. Our outdoor environment allows for a combination of dramatic play, gross motor development, sensory expropriation and risky taking.

Research has shown that children like to play in outdoor environments that look as if they built them themselves. Taking this into account our garden is very different from your stereotypical child’s playground. It allows for a child’s holistic development. Many open-ended materials have been used to allow the child’s imagination shape and change the space.

Parent and Community Involvement

Parents as Partners:
We view parents as the primary educators of their children. They know their children best. It is with this view that we treat parents very much as partners in our service.

We look for constant feedback from parents with regard to their experience with their child. Parents are given daily updates along with monthly learning stories. These stories allow for parents to add their thoughts to their child’s storybook.

We hold parent evenings, parents breakfasts and training for parents throughout the year. Each parent is also invited to a “bring your parent to crèche day” to allow them watch a day in their child’s life. This also allows a parent the opportunity to share their own experience and culture with the crèche community.

Community Involvement:
We understand the importance of not just the child’s immediate environment but also the community environment in which they live.

Children learn from real experiences and so we invite community representatives into our service to enhance the children’s learning. The dentist, the Garda, the doctor, the fireman, the shopkeeper and many more are welcomed to bring real life learning to life.

Primary School Link and Handover

The transition from crèche to primary education can be a challenge for parents and children. We feel that it is our responsibility to ease this transition. We invite the local principals into our service to familiarise them with our children.

With parents permission we pass over a report card allowing the new teacher to learn about our children – their likes and dislikes and their individual approach to learning.

Coming close to the time of leaving us we practice the practicalities of school life. We introduce the school routine and uniforms from our local schools are introduced to our dramatic play corner so that school life becomes more familiar.

Our Learning Environments

Discoverer’s Room (Age 1-2)
Explorer’s Room (Age 2-3)
Active Cubs Room (Age 3-6)



If you wish to visit our flagship Early Years Centre please book an appointment on 086 174 7777

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